Solution Brief

Power Management - Leveraging AI for Smarter Data Center Power Efficiency

Driven by the industry demand to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions, Intel and QiO Technologies partnered to create an innovative approach to optimise Data Center power efficiency.

Foresight Optima DC+™ monitors patterns in server power usage, identifies inefficiencies and automatically adjusts power consumption to better match workload without compromising Quality of Service (QoS).

The end user can manually implement the predictive workload optimisations recommended (open loop) or fully automate the implementation of those recommendations (closed loop). This solution brief provides an overview of the approach, describes the Proof of Concept (PoC) developed to showcase the solution, and explains the benefits. This paper shows that up to 52% power saving can be achieved with idle and up to 24% with a representative load on a given CPU.

Last Updated: 1 August 2023